• Postcards with maps and plans

      Postcards with maps and plans

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      Postcards with maps and plans
      Philosophy (another international term used since the beginning of the 4th decade of the 20th century - deltiology) - the science of postcards, their study and collection. According to the popularity of collectibles, after money and stamps, the collection of postcards is in third place. The demand for postcards is determined not only by their acceptable format and affordable price, but also by the interface with many phenomena in human life. Using postcards, we can embark on a journey and instantly find ourselves in any corner of the world, visit a museum without leaving home, study the life, history of nations or get closer to any branch of art: painting, sculpture, music, cinema. Postcards - witnesses of historical events, chroniclers. They are important as a source of history, perform cognitive, communication, propaganda, advertising functions, develop artistic taste. The following types of postcards are well-established in Filocart: illustrated (printed), photo postcards (published on photo paper), original (non-reproducible, wooden, silk, etc.), postcards. The systematized illustrated postcards are mostly based on the depicted object. Content is usually classified by discipline. With a very rich collection, the classification is refined and refined.
      In this virtual exhibition we present postcards with cartographic works (maps, charts, topographic plans. Postcards depicting historical events satirically for agitating, propaganda purposes. , a demographic: A postcard depicting the flight of pilots S. Darius and S. Girėnas across the Atlantic was a means of charging a fee for this flight. Postcards with area or city plans have been and are popular with solo travelers because they are close at hand, there is no need to use large maps or books. on the side of the cradle to their loved ones.
      These exhibits date back to the 20th century. the first half. Published in Belgium, USA, Poland, Lithuania, France, Russia, Germany.
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